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What Apple will do in 2011?

Michael Robert

As we begin 2011 we must consider what Apple will do because we know that what they do will change an industry. Everyone is waiting to see what they will do and here are some of my predictions.

iPad 2

There are many rumours about the iPad 2 being release in January or February. Rumours give us some idea of what to expect and are generally correct but can also be misleading. I believe we will see the iPad 2 early in 2011 with some great new features. I expect it to follow on what the iPhone 4 has with a faster proccessor, retina display and FaceTime. Because it will have Facetime it will have a front and rear facing camera.

Apple will also change the form of the iPad by giving it a flat back because the curved back is not user friendly if placed on a flat surface. I think there will be bigger hard drives and a more powerful speaker.

There have been rumours about a smaller size iPad but I don't expect this to happen for one main reason, the apps store. To try get more apps to scale to a different screen is going to be very cumbersome.


The iMac has a great design and I expect Apple to stick with it. With the release of Lion expect something great for all computers from Apple. Expect the iMac to have a smaller form factor and bigger hard drives. The iMac currently has a full HD screen with the aspect ratio of 10:9, I expect Apple to change this to 16:9.

There is also the possibility that they will drop the disk drive for a couple reasons. After the release of the Mac Apps Store, Apple will not sell disk anymore. They will be able to release all updates through the App Store. This will also remove the Software Update feature. Apple will then sell the disk drive as an extra, like they do with the Macbook Air, which will bring the price of laptops down.

Macbook/Macbook Pros

I believe these computers will have a slight change to the form with a slimmer shape similar to the Macbook Air that we release late in 2010. The disk drive could also be excluded from the laptops. I think the screens of the laptops will be updated to full HD and with an aspect ratio of 16:9


Apple have just updated their iPods but one thing that we can be sure of is that in September Apple will update their iPods. It is hard to guess what Apple will do at this point as they have just been updated but as we go through the year we will get a better idea. Could this be the year Apple drops the iPod Classic? Or will they come up with something revolutionary?

iPhone 5

The new iPhone will be the most anticipated event of the year. It is hard to make guesses as it is so early but here are my thoughts. I think Apple will fix the antenna issue (for PR reasons). We will see the inclusion of the Apple A4 processor.

Something that i have recently read about this the inclusion of Near Field Technology (NFT). If you have used Bump then you know what this is. Basically it enables the exchange of data between devices over about a 10 centimeters. Starbucks have made use of this with an iPhone App that allows you to pay for your order through the app. I think Apple are going to take this to a whole new level, what it will look like is yet to be discovered.

One More Thing...

Apple are full of surprises and I don't expect this year to be any different. My prediction is that Apple are going to take the technology of the Apps Store to a gaming device. I think Apple will begin to compete with xBox, Wii and Playstation and I think it will be a great fight. For gaming developers it will mean that they can distribute their applications easily and with no huge cost. Could this device be included with the Apple TV or could the Apple TV become void is yet to be seen.

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