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Apple naming products

Michael Robert

I have been looking at buying a Sanyo video camera and had this thought about how Apple names it's products.

Why is it that all product have code names, like the Sanyo Xacti vpc-ca9, or the vpc-ca100? How is anyone suppose to remember that?

Here is another trick that Apple has done ever since Steve Jobs came back.

This original happened we Steve came back to Apple to help get it out of trouble. What did he do?

He cut their product line from 6-8 products to 2-3. He took away all the code names and made it simple. And Apple have stuck with this since then.

Apple products never have numbers in them! It's a good tip if you manufacture products. NO NUMBERS!

But wait... Since the original iPhone apple have gone against this. Okay, They haven't gone over board with it but it is interesting to note.

The original iPhone was just called iPhone. The they added 3G and call it iPhone 3G. Then they make it faster and it gets worse, iPhone 3Gs.

Then they get there heads on and make iPhone 4!

Yes they have to differentiate between 3Gs and 4 because they sell both. But they have the same thing with iPods. They each have a name!
iPod classic
iPod touch
iPod nano
iPod shuffle

It makes me wonder what the next iPhone will be called? And if they will keep different types of iPhones?

Will they make an iPhone nano?
Will they make an iPhone classic?

Only the future knows. But I have a suspicion that this year we will see.....

Read my blog later to find out what I think is going to happen with iPods....

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