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WiFi Hotspot + iPad

Michael Robert

iStores in South Africa have started selling iPads with WiFi Hotspot devices that can be used on the cellular network of your choice.

The Huawei E5 device is a similair size as a 3G dongle that you would normally use but doesn't use any cables to connect. It connects to your selected mobile carrier and then creates a wireless network that can be used by 5 different devices to connect to the internet.


The device can be purchased from any iStore in South Africa for R1499.

Here are the option with an iPad

16GB iPad - R5599

32GB iPad - R6599

64GB iPad - R7599

This is an awesome idea however there are some limitations to this device. It you are considering this option I suggest you go with the MiFi device or wait until Apple release the next software update for all iOS devices that will enable you to create a hotspot from your iPhone or iPad.


on 2011-02-22 13:04 by Apple News

The prices display above are actually the exact same as buying a 3G version of the iPad, which with the next software update will allow you to do what this device is offering. I suggest you don't buy one and wait for the software update.

3G contracts are not included in this price and will add extra fees.

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