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iPad 2

Michael Robert

Apple released the iPad 2 at a special media event. Not much has changed from the previous model but as always it is a much better product.

ipad 2.png

There is nothing revolutionary about the iPad 2. It is fast and slimmer. It is available in black and white (from the beginning). It carriers the same battery life (10 hours), storage space (16GB, 32GB, 64GB) and price (starting at $499) as the iPad 1 and comes in either WiFi only or WiFi plus 3G. It has a front (VGA) and back (HD 720) facing camera which is the biggest plus for me.

Some thing that Apple has done which is pretty cool but I'm not sure how popular they will be, is they have created this great covers that magnetically cover the front of the iPad 2 and keep it clean.

They also come in a range of different colours


The other thing Apple released was iMove and Garageband for the iPad. These apps look really amazing and i look forward to playing with them. Both are priced at $4.99


I think the question most people will ask is "should I buy the iPad 2 if I already has the iPad 1? As always my advice... it depends. I was looking forward to the iPad 2 because of FaceTime which is now available which means I am going to be getting one when I have some money.

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