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iPhone 5 imported into South Africa

Michael Robert

There has been a lot of talk and we have had some enquires about iPhone 5's purchased from overseas not working in South Africa.

Here is the truth simply and clearly:

Each cellphone operator around the world uses different technology to host their networks. Basically there are three: The first is CMDA, The next two are both GSM but have different radio frequencies.

CMDA is a very small minority and few operates use it and mostly in the USA. This version might work in South Africa but you would really be wasting your money buying this version!

Here is the break down of of the actual devices:

A1428 (GSM) is only available in the USA and Canada (Will NOT work in South Africa)

A1429 (CDMA) is only available in USA and on KDDI in Japan (Will NOT work in South Africa)

All other countries are using A1429 (GSM) model. It is safe to buy from most countries. Vodacom has yet to release carrier specific software for the iPhone 5 but once they do there will be no problems.

If you have any more question please let us know buy sending us an email.

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