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When will Vodacom release iPhone 5 in South Africa

Michael Robert

We heard some news today that Vodacom are currently testing the iPhone 5 in Johannesburg but tests are not going so well.

According to our sources Vodacom is having issues with the iPhone 5 connecting and transferring between stations. This problem is due to Vodacom having to free up some of their spectrum to enable to LTE.

The department of communication has not opened up spectrum for cellphone operates to use. This is due to SABC still using the spectrum which they should have stopped using awhile ago.

Vodacom and MTN will have the same problems with their LTE networks in South Africa as they will both be using a similar spectrum until the department of communication opens up new spectrum for the LTE networks.

Vodacom are unsure when testing will be finalised but they are working hard to upgrade their network as quickly as possible.

When asked about a possible release date for the iPhone 5 on Vodacom the answer was hopefully by December. This is the same answer we get from Apple. Apple will not allow Vodacom to release the iPhone 5 until the network is operating correctly.

Although it is good news to know that Vodacom (and we are sure MTN) are busying test the iPhone 5 the release date still remains unclear. However we do suspect the iPhone 5 will be release at the end of October beginning of November.

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Due to world wide shortage of iPhone 5 we are unable to get stock at this time. We do suspect the iPhone 5 launch date in South Africa will come before we can get stock from overseas.

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