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South Africa

Apple News

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New iPod's in iStores

Michael Robert

The new iPod's are now available in iStores nationwide. The new iPod's were release on 12 September. in the USA. It has taken about a month and a half for the new iPod's to reach South Africa.

The iPod Shuffle saw the smallest update with just colour changes. All the new colours are available in iStores and at the same amazingly low price of R599

The iPod Touch which takes the same form as the iPhone 5 is also available in most iStores nationwide but due to supply there might not be stock available. Although some stores may have demo units on show they might not have stock. The new iPod's touch with it's 4 inch display costs R3 099 for the 32GB

iPod Nano

The new iPod Nano which received the biggest update is also available nationwide. We had a chance to play with one of them and they are very nice iPod's. We were really impressed with the touch screen. The iPod Nano is missing a few features, most noticeable is a camera and Wifi but overall we believe it is the best iPod Nano to date. It is incredible small and thin. The Nano only comes in 16GB with 6 different colours at R1 499.

The new lightning connector which is used on all the new iPod's is also incredible small and very easy to insert into the iPod's.

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