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Visual Voicemail for iPhone

Michael Robert

Visual Voicemail is one of the best and most overlooked features of a smartphone. Visual Voicemail become popular after Apple releasee the original iPhone in 2007.


Visual Voicemail allows you to view your voicemail in an email like style. You can choose the voicemail you would like to listen to, scroll forward and back through the voicemail if you missed something. And the best part is that you don't have to listen to all your voicemail before you get to the one you want to listen to.

Vodacom release visual voicemail with the launch of the iPhone 4 in South Africa. MTN, CellC, Virgin Mobile and 8ta are yet to enable this feature for iPhones.

If you are a Vodacom customer you are in luck. To check if you have visual voicemail go to the Phone app., select voicemail on the right had side. If you phone begins to call your voicemail box than you visual voicemail is not active. To activate visual voicemail:

  1. Open messages app
  2. SMS "VVM ON" to 123
  3. Activation may take 24 hours but normally happens quickly.

To deactivate visual voicemail SMS "VVM OFF" to 123

How much does it cost?
Get your first 30 days FREE and pay R9.99 per month (incl. VAT) thereafter. If you are a Vodacom Contract or Top Up customer you will be able to subscribe to the Visual Voicemail 4 iPhoneService as a month-to-month service and the cost will be added to your monthly bill. If you are a Prepaid customer, the subscription fee will be deducted from your Prepaid account, every 30 days while you have the service active.

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