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Vodacom have iPhone 5 in Stock

Michael Robert

iPhone 5 South Africa

We have heard rumours that Vodacom has the iPhone 5 in stock. This is not a surprise as we heard last week that iPhone 5's were on SAA aircraft from China.

The rumours suggest that Vodacom has 5000 iPhone 5 and that they are holding them back because they have an overstock of iPhone 4s. We believe there is some truth to this rumour but it is hard to believe that Vodacom have an overstock of iPhone 4s because at the beginning of the week Vodacom removed all information regarding iPhone 4s from their website.

For Vodacom to have only received 5000 iPhone 5's it would mean that the Apple supply chain is extremely tight at the moment. We know that Apple has had problems manufacturing the iPhone 5 and this has caused a delay in the roll out. MTN and CellC would have received their stock as well but we don't believe they would have got as many as Vodacom has.

The last bit of news we heard was that Vodacom is planning an iPhone 5 launch for the 10 December. We find this hard to believe as the 10 December is a Monday and Apple normally releases iPhone's on a Friday. This date also seems to be so far away if Vodacom already have stock.

What ever happens we know we are getting close when news starts coming out even if it is incorrect.

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