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I dropped my iPhone in water...Now What?

Michael Robert

iPhone water damage

Although most people think that they biggest cause of iPhone damage is a dropped iPhone. The iPhone is actually very durable and will withstand most drops.

The biggest cause of damage to iPhone is water. Although the problem doesn't look to have done any damage the damage comes once you start using your iPhone again. Once you start using your iPhone you will cause damage to the internal components and this will render your iPhone useless.

If you try take your iPhone back to where you purchased they will discover that your iPhone has water damage very quickly. This is because the iPhone has a sensor near the headphone jack that indicates if there has been water damage.

So what can you do?

  1. Turn your iPhone off by holing down the Power and Home buttons.
  2. Put your iPhone is a bag of uncook rice. This will draw the moisture away from your iPhone.
  3. Leave your iPhone in the bag from about 3-4 days.

Once you have done this your iPhone should work fine. Although this seems like a long time to be without your iPhone it is better than buying a new iPhone.

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