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CellC set to launch LTE

Michael Robert


CellC has release information about their plans to launch their LTE network in Cape Town and Durban by the end of 2012. This is good news for people who live in Cape Town as Vodacom has stated that their LTE network will not be available in Cape Town until mid 2013.

Alan Knott-Craig, CEO of CellC stated that the intitial phase will be a trail period until the government finalises its position on a national wholesale LTE network. He also stated that CellC will be targeting high end users and supplying them with devices that are LTE compatiable.

This might be interesting for users looking to get the new iPhone 5. CellC has one of the fastest network in the country at the moment with their HSDPA+ network. Only Vodacom's LTE network is faster but only available in Johannesburg and reaching Durban and Pretoria soon.

iPhone users in Cape Town should be extremely excited about this as it will provide them with an LTE network which Vodacom and MTN won't be doing until mid 2013.

The really interesting point will be the price of the iPhone 5 in South Africa when it is released. We are still awaiting news about a possible release date.

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