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Google Release Stand Alone Maps App

Michael Robert

Google have released a stand alone maps app [App Store] for iOS devices after Apple create their won mapping system.

The new Google Maps also offers a number of enhancements beyond what was offered when it powered the built-in Maps app on iOS 5 and earlier, most notably turn-by-turn directions. The absence of that feature from the built-in Maps app had been a major sticking point for the two companies, with its absence putting iOS at a disadvantage relative to Android and Google unwilling to add the feature to Maps for iOS unless Apple made concessions such as greater Google branding within the app and integration with Google Latitude.

The maps work well in South Africa and turn by turn directions also work. However there is now no great advantage for Google over Apple Maps as Apple now have turn by turn directions is South Africa.

There have been stories of Apple Maps not being correct but we can assure you that Apple is working day and night to fix all the bumps. Recently there has been rumours that Apple is in negotiations to purchase Tom Tom and their mapping system.

We still enjoy the beautiful and seamless interface of Apple Maps. Let us know which one you prefer.

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