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MTN Announce iPhone 5 Price

Michael Robert


MTN have announced the price of the iPhone 5 in South Africa which is set to go on sale on the 14 December.

There is only one contract available with all three models of the iPhone 5

MTN Anytime 350

R350 towards airtime (±180 minutes), 50 SMS, 250Mb Data

iPhone 5 16GB: R529

iPhone 5 32GB: R579

iPhone 5 64GB: R629

It's hard to compare to Vodacom's offering but lets give it a try:

Screen Shot 2012-12-13 at 10.56.00.png

The MTN contract looks better but it you have to add the 250MB data that is missing it will cost an extra R150 which makes it a lot more expensive.

Lets look at the 64GB model:

Screen Shot 2012-12-13 at 10.58.38.png

Once again the MTN contract looks very affordable. To add the extra Data to the MTN contract makes the price about R779 with less minutes and SMS's. So it is actually more expensive than the Vodacom contract but this pricing is closer than the 16GB option.


on 2012-12-13 12:32 by Apple News

A complete list of MTN iPhone 5 prices has been leaked on twitter. We cannot confirm the vadility of the image but this close to launch it seems to be accurate and in line with previous information.

We previously reported on the MTN Anytime 350 package and compared it to Vodacom iPhone Talk 120 and 240. The Anytime 500 package would relate more directly to the Vodacom iPhone Talk 240. It would seem that Vodacom is cheaper by about R80 and comes with more Data.

MTN iPhone 5 Price.jpeg

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