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MTN launch LTE

Michael Robert

MTN have announced that they will launch their LTE network before the end of the year. The launch will start in Johannesburg and will move to Durban and Cape Town.

The department of communication has withheld the release of LTE in South Africa due to spectrum allocation. MTN however are making use some of their existing spectrum for LTE purposes. This is no an ideal situation but due to the release of the iPhone 5 which offers LTE, MTN have decided to not wait any longer. This does pose problem for cities like Cape Town as they have a very limited spectrum.

MTN's LTE service will offer speeds of between 2Mbps and 66Mbps. A significant increase from existing ADSL offers.

Samsung Galaxy S3 users will be excited about the announcement as the S3 has LTE services up to 20Mbps.

When the iPhone 5 launches in South Africa uses will benefit greatly from the MTN LTE network.

Blackberry as this moment do not have a phone that offers LTE services but are expected to launch the Blackberry 10 range of phones in 2013 which will offer LTE.

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