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Shared iCloud Calendars

Michael Robert

One of the great features of iCloud is the ability to share calendars seemlesly with other people.

You can also share calendars with other iCloud users. A datebook your whole family can add to. Or a team schedule that every player can access. As soon as someone adds or edits an event, iCloud updates it wirelessly on everyone’s devices.

There are two different types of sharing:

Personal: Share your family or work calendar with selected people. To do this create a new calendar in iCal. Add some events. Make sure you have selected the correct calendar and go to Edit and select Share Calendar. You can enter the email address of the people you wish to share the calendar with.

Public: To create a public calendar follow the same steps as above but instead of adding email addresses select Public Calendar. This will create a URL for the calendar. To get access to the URL, go to edit and select Get Info. You can copy the URL and email it to people you think might make use of the calendar.

Apple News runs some calendars that may be of interest to you. These calendar are continually updated so there is no need to subscribe to another version in the future. Click on the link and it will take you to a web page with a subscribe button, click subscribe and it will automatically open in your calendar. If you are using Google calendar this will not work but we are working on a solution.

South African School Holidays:

South African Public Holidays:

Castle Rugby Campionship:

Springboks Incoming & Outgoing Test:

Sharks SuperRugby:

If you wish to host a calendar that is not on this list please contact us and we will post about your calendar or if you would like a calendar please leave a comment and we will look into creating that calendar.

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