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CellC can't handle the iPhone 5

Michael Robert

CellC has been struggling to keep up with the demand for the iPhone after they announced the cheapest contract prices for the iPhone 5.

Apple News pre-ordered from Vodacom, MTN, CellC and 8ta. To this day Apple News has not received a call from any of the networks and had to call CellC.

Originally Apple News visited a CellC branch on the 14 December 2012 with all the correct documents and requested a 32GB White iPhone 5. Understandable they didn't have stock, but that was expected. 46 days later and Apple News has not heard back from that CellC branch.

After becoming impatient Apple News phoned CellC call centre and applied over the phone. The process was amazingly simple, or so we thought. Ten days later we received  a black iPhone 5, after we had requested a White iPhone 5. Now they do state that they don't guarantee what colour you will receive but if someone requests a colour it is because they want that colour! That's like someone requesting a iPhone 5 and receiving a Samsung S3. It's not the phone they wanted.

We didn't think it was worth wasting our time to get it changed but what happened next just pushed us over the edge.

We waited for our current phone to disconnect from Vodacom's network suggesting that the port had taken place. Normally this take about 8 hours but can take up to 24 hours. After 24 hours we decided to insert the CellC sim card into the iPhone 5. To our surprise the iPhone 5 worked and connected to the CellC network. We then received an SMS telling us about our new number! WHAT?

Immediately we got on to twitter and reported the error. We were told that to change the black iPhone 5 for a white iPhone would take some time as they don't have any stock. We then preceded to ask what would happen with the contract as we were now getting charged for two contracts? The response was "We will do the port now". This was on Friday morning, by Monday the port still had not taken place. We contacted CellC again and were told that someone was coming to collect the iPhone 5. We asked again about the payment of the contract which we could not use now. The response "We will do the port now". We then ask how they thought that would help as we wouldn't have an iPhone 5 to use it? The salesman actually asked if we don't have another device that uses a Nano Sim! Do CellC sales staff not know that the iPhone 5 is the only phone in the world that uses a nano sim card?

To this day we have paid for a CellC contract, have no iPhone 5 and no sim card?

We have heard of many people having the same problem. Originally we suspected it was isolated incidents but obviously not. We have heard of may people requesting an iPhone 5 and getting an iPhone 4.

Is CellC unable to deliver the correct device to its customers?

Is the power in our hands as consumers or is CellC showing us that they dictate the rules of the game?

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