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Vodacom "no service" issue

Michael Robert

We have heard many people complaining that they are getting "no service" on their iPhone 5 with Vodacom. A few solutions to the problem have come up although we have discovered a much bigger problem.

It seems that Vodacom's LTE network isn't as reliable as we might think. The LTE networks that Vodacom and MTN are using are almost a way around a technically problem we have in South Africa with the Department of Communication. Ideally the networks would like to use a different spectrum to offer LTE but they can't. So what Vodacom and MTN have done is take some of the existing spectrum they have and turned it into their LTE network. This poses problems for both 3G and LTE users as the network is still to full.

Some people have come forward with solutions that you may wish to follow if you are having this is however we have concluded that they are not the ultimate safe guard.

We have been informed that the only way to avoid the problem is to ensure that you don't use Vodacom's LTE network. To do this follw these steps:

  • Go to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Network
  • Change the Cellilar Data APN to: or internet

If these steps done solve your problem then give Vodacom a call and ask them to deactivate LTE on your sim card.

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