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Yoobe develops SAʼs first locally made iPad stand

Michael Robert

Yoobe iPad Stand - 2.jpg

While developing interactive iBooks for iPads, the guys at Yoobe found it frustrating not having their iPadʼs conveniently positioned next to their computer while editing and testing what they were working on.

So, after some trial and error this is what they came up with!

You wonʼt find a locally manufactured product that equivalently organizes your workspace while enabling full access to your iPad. The stand was designed with keeping a wide variety of different iPad covers in mind, so there is no need to remove your cover before placing the iPad onto the stand.

The use of the Yoobe stand extends far beyond what it was originally created for. Its been used as a display tool, a nightstand holder and is also a great fixture for companies and/or individuals to showcase their brands.

Technical Specifications:

- Made from solid Aluminum or Steel

- Allows for convenient management of device cables

- Compatible with most Tablet devices

- Dimensions Width: 90mm x Length: 133mm x Height: 113mm


- Brushed Steel

- Black & White finish

- Black and silver matt finish


For any orders or queries please contact Zelda on 0827229562.

Custom orders are also welcome. 

Yoobe iPad Stand - 1.jpg

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