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Apple News

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iMac Supply Shortage

Michael Robert

We have been hearing from many people that they are unable to get their hands on the new iMac in South Africa. According to the website, which is the official Core Group distrubution for Apple in South Africa all models are currently unavailable.

Screen Shot 2013-03-05 at 8.39.23 PM.png

Apple News has little knowledge of the Apple supply chain in South Africa and makes most estimations based on past history and information about the supply chain in America. In other words if Apple in America are having shortages it is most likely that the rest of the world will be excepriencing the same problems. In the same way as soon as the supply in America increases it is then expected to increase world wide within a few weeks.

Having said all of the above, Apple in America has had long delivery times for the new iMac but recently the delivery time has dropped to witihin 24 hours in the last few days. This doesn't really mean anything for us in South Africa except that things are going to improve. Apple supply chain normally takes about a month to filter through to South Africa so it is our guess that within the next 4 weeks we should see an improvement in supply. We suspect that supply will still be low and we are lead to believe that demand is still high. Expect the stock to move off the shelves quickly if it hasn't already been pre-ordered.

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