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Dolphin Coast, KZN
South Africa

App Store: CoPilot Live

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App Store: CoPilot Live

Michael Robert

Recently we had the opportunity to test CoPilot Live and we are super impressed with the app and it's ability. One of the greatest features was the ability to use offline maps. That means you don't use any data to load the maps like you would with Apple Maps or Google Maps.

May other mapping apps like Tom Tom allow offline maps however CoPilot is about R50 cheaper than Tom Tom.

Check out the great features of CoPilot Live in South Africa:

You already have the iPhone, now add CoPilot and you'll have a complete dedicated GPS navigation system that seamlessly integrates directly with your iPhone's functions.

CoPilot is incredibly easy to use yet packed with advanced navigation features to get you to your destination via the way that suits you best.

Detailed street maps of the U.S. and Canada* are stored on-board your iPhone so there's no need to use your mobile service or data plan to navigate to your destination or worry about losing directions when you travel out of coverage.

2D and 3D Map Views

CoPilot guides you to your destination with clear, easy to follow map displays and turn-by-turn directions throughout the trip. Choose from 3D or 2D guidance views with speed variable zoom.

Lane Assist Arrows

Lane indicator arrows provide clear guidance to help you see exactly which lane to take at complex interchanges.

Real Signposts

Real signpost information makes it easy to get your bearings at major interchanges.

CoPilot ClearTurn™

ClearTurn provides a more realistic, 3D visualization of the road layout, along with signpost information and lane indicators.


Save the location of where you've parked your car so you can easily find your back to it later.


CoPilot Live

Tom Tom

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