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Apple Launch Apple Watch

Apple News

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Apple Launch Apple Watch

Michael Robert

At a Media Event on Monday Apple Launched the Apple Watch and gave us some information about the price and battery life.

Previously we posted about how many Apple watch versions there are. Check that out to get a better understanding of how to choose an Apple Watch.

Tim Cook confirmed that the Apple Watch battery will last one day or 18 hours.

Apple also revealed pricing for the Apple Watch. We has included that American pricing and converted to an estimated price in South Africa. The conversion rate is normally around R13 to the US Dollar. Prices could increase if the rand/dollar rate gets worse.

The Apple Watch will go on sale on the 24 April but is unlikely to be in South Africa before July.

Apple Watch Sport

38mm - $349 (R4 499)

42mm - $399 (R5 299)

Apple Watch

Sports Band

  • 38mm - $549 (R7 499)
  • 42mm - $599 (R7 999)

Classic Buckle & Milanese Loop

  • 38mm - $649 (R8 499)
  • 42mm - $699 (R8 999)

Modern Buckle

  • 38mm - $749 (R9 999)

Leather Loop

  • 42mm - $699 (R8 999)

Link Bracelet

  • 38mm - $949 (R12 499)
  • 42mm - $999 (R12 999)

Space Black Link Bracelet

  • 38mm - $1049 (R13 999)
  • 42mm - $1099 (14 499)

Apple Watch Edition

$10,000 - $17,000 (R150 000 - R250 000)

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