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South Africa

CellC iPhone 6 Price

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CellC iPhone 6 Price

Michael Robert

We have finally got out hands of the CellC iPhone 6 pricing however there is very little to reveal. CellC are only offering 4 contracts and only the 16GB iPhone 6 & 16GB iPhone 6 Plus.

Cell C Airtime SMS Data iPhone 6 iPhone 6 Plus
16GB 64GB 128GB 16GB 64GB 128GB
SmartChat 3GB 75 Minutes - 1.5 GB Anytime
1.5 GB Night Time
R629 - - R729 - -
SmartChat 6GB =100 Minutes - 3 GB Anytime
3 GB Night Time
R759 - - R859 - -
SmartChat 8GB 150 Minutes - 4 GB Anytime
4 GB Night Time
R839 - - R939 - -
Infinity Select Unlimited Unlimited 3 GB Anytime R1499 - - R1589 - -

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