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iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S4 specs

Michael Robert

While we don't normally like to compare products and push people to purchase a particular product we thought we would give you some useful information that might help you make a more informed decision.

Below is a comparision table of the iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Samsun Galaxy S4 which was released recently. After the table are some comments about some specs.

iPhone 5, South Africa, Apple, Samsung, Galaxy

iPhone 5, South Africa, Apple, Samsung, Galaxy

Size: There can be no clear winner when is comes to size as this is a personal preference but what happened to the days when we wanted smaller phones? The iPhone 5 is obviously smaller as the screen size is smaller, it is also thinner than the Galaxy S4.

Pixels per inch: The S4 has an amazing 441 pixels per inch. That makes the screen quality beautiful. The only issues here is how much detail can the human eye actually define? At what point does putting more pixels become a waste because the human eye cannot define that much detail. Either way all three of these devices have amazing screen quality.

Camera: I am not camera expert but what I do know is that mega pixels isn't really the most important thing about a camera. The lens has a great deal to do with the picture quality. Either way all three have great cameras.

The video capability of the S4 looks like a real improvement from both the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S3.

Final Thoughts: There is no factual way of determining which phone is the best. The only thing we can prove is that one device might have better hardware specs but we know that hardware is not the most important thing. Software plays a very important role.

Apple is famous for it's integration of hardware and software that is unmatched in the industry. Although the iPhone 5 may have lower spec make no mistake that the software makes up for it in it application of that hardware. In order to choose the best device would be a personal preference. All three of these devices are very good and basically do the same thing and do it well.

Keep in mind that the Samsung S4 was launch 6 months after the iPhone 5. The next iPhone will have better specs than the Samsung S4

The choice is yours...

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