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iPhone 5c?

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iPhone 5c?

Michael Robert

Over the weekend an image surfaced of what is suspected to be the box for the low cost iPhone. The box has "iPhone 5c" on it suggesting that Apple might call the low cost iPhone the iPhone 5c. The "c" is suggested to represent "Colour" as the low cost iPhone 5 will come with a plastic background, as we have reported before, in multiple colours. 

iPhone 5c
The packaging appears to be a white plastic box that would hold the device and associated accessories and documentation. A front cover, unseen in the photo but perhaps clear to show off the various colour options for the device itself as seen on Apple's iPod lineups, would appear to rest on a small lip around the interior.

The iPhone 5s and now rumoured iPhone 5c are expected to launch in September or October this year. 

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