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iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c Price in South Africa

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iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c Price in South Africa

Michael Robert

We have compared the latest prices we have for the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c in South Africa. We don't have a comprehensive list yet but we have taken similar packages so you can compare which is best value for money for you.

Our Value for Money Index (VMI) is a formula created to show which contract offers the best value for money. The lower the number the greater the value. The index is created dividing the price by the total offering. For example: For the Vodacom iPhone 5c on a Smart M contract the calculation would be: 499(Price) / (120(Minutes) + 300(SMS) + 300(Data)), 499/720 = 0,69

*Telkom Mobile have not released prices yet but as soon as the do we will add them to this table.

iPhone 5c 16GB
Provider Contract Price Minutes SMS Data Cost of iPhone Value for money Index (VMI)
Vodacom Smart M R499 120 minutes 300 300 MB R200 0,69
MTN Talk 100 R279 44 minutes 25 300 MB R179 0.75
Cell C Straight Up 200 R499 200 minutes 200 500 MB R254 0,55
Telkom Mobile
iPhone 5s 16GB
Vodacom Smart M R569 120 minutes 300 300 MB R270 0,79
MTN Talk 200 R429 87 minutes 200 500 MB R229 0,54
Cell C Straight Up 200 R549 200 minutes 200 500 MB R304 0,61
Telkom Mobile

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