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iPhone 5s Gold colour option?

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iPhone 5s Gold colour option?

Michael Robert

There have been a number of claims that the iPhone 5s will come with a gold colour option. 

The previous claims all stated it would be gold but the latest claim, from MG Siegler is that the previous images that have been leaker are not accurate representation of the device's actual colour, indicating that it will be "less 'gold' and more 'champagne'.

Mockup of iPhone 5S in "champagne" (Source: iMore)

Mockup of iPhone 5S in "champagne" (Source: iMore)

The real question is why would Apple want to create a gold coloured iPhone? It appears that gold is a popular colour in China and India and could potentially be used to upsell customers in these countries.

Although the iPhone 5s is expected to be a Champagne colour Apple will be unable to use Champagne as part of the name because of Trademark reasons so they would likely go with Gold. 

The iPhone 5s is expected to be released at a media event on the 10 September .

People's reaction has been mixed so far. What are your thoughts about this product and the South African market? 

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