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iPhone 7 prices leaked by Vodacom (Rumour)

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iPhone 7 prices leaked by Vodacom (Rumour)

Michael Robert

A Vodacom price list was sent to MyBroadband, which revealed the iPhone 7’s recommended retail pricing will start at R14 669, while the entry-level iPhone 7 Plus will cost R17 389.

I don't believe these prices are accurate for two reasons. Firstly, Who sells a phone for R17 389? That is a very specific number! Apple pricing in South Africa normally ends with 999 or 499. Secondly Vodacom have leaked fake pricing in the past. I am not sure if they are trying to generate interest or if they are trying to mislead their competition but whatever it is it is not working.

Here is a price list reflecting our estimates and Vodacom's leaked prices:

iGenius Prediction Vodacom Leak
iPhone 7 32GB R13 999 R14 699
128GB R15 999 R16 929
256GB R17 999 R19 199
iPhone 7 Plus 32GB R15 999 R17 389
128GB R17 999 R19 639
256GB R20 999 R21 899

If we assumed that Vodacom pricing is correct the Vodacom are working on about $1 = R22,60 conversion rate on the iPhone 7 32GB. On the iPhone 7 256GB that conversion rate goes up to R23,55. At the moment the conversion rate of iPhone's is between R21,20 - R21,50 with the exception of the iPhone 6s Plus 128GB being just over R22.

Will have to wait as see when pricing is revealed but I cal this on False!

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