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iPhone outright price

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iPhone outright price

Michael Robert

Earlier we posted the outright price of the iPhone in South Africa and there seems to be a lot of confusion regarding the price difference from the US.

Please note that the prices $99, $199, $299, $399 are all prices on contract. The table below shows the outright price in the US and the outright price in South Africa along with the exchange rate used. Also remember their are tax, shipping and third parties that take their piece of the pie.

iPhone 5c iPhone 5s
US Price SA Price Conversion Rate US Price SA Price Conversion Rate
16GB $549 R8 499 $1 = R15,48 $649 R9 999 $1 = R15,40
32GB $649 R9 999 $1 = R15,40 $749 R11 499 $1 = R15,35
64GB - $849 R12 999 $1 = R15,31

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