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iPod Nano (6th Generation) vs Galaxy Gear

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iPod Nano (6th Generation) vs Galaxy Gear

Michael Robert

In September last year(2013) Samsung release the Galaxy Gear. The Galaxy Gear was Samsung's attempt at beating Apple to the smart watch market however they played right into Apple's hands.

Firstly, as we have written about many times Apple is never first to market. They didn't invent the MP3 play, the smart phone, the tablet or the computer. By entering the smart watch market first, Samsung gave more credibility to Apple.

Secondly, Apple have already released a smart watch however they never labeled it as a watch nor did they ever market it as a watch. The 6th Generation iPod Nano was basically a smart watch and many people used it as a smart watch. Apple could just release the iPod Nano and call it an iWatch and it iWatch and it would still be better than the Galaxy Gear and it was released 3 years before the Gear

Galaxy Gear

Galaxy Gear



Here is a comparison of the iPod Nano and Galaxy Gear

iPod Nano Galaxy Gear iWatch (Expected)
Screen Size 1.55 inch 1.63 inch 1.55 inch
Pixels 240x240 320x320 -
PPI 220 275
Capacity 8GB/16GB 4GB 16GB
Battery Life 24 Hours 25 Hours 4-5 Days
Sensors Accelerometer Accelerometer
Bio-Metric Sensors

Three years difference and Samsung couldn't make something better. It gets worse for Samsung....

The Galaxy Gear is unable to play music unless it have a smartphone connected via bluetooth, didn't have an FM Radio which the iPod had. The iPod Nano also had swappable wristbands. The Galaxy Gear did have the phone call a message notification features and a camera something Apple was most likely capable of doing however chose not to.

There is speculation out their the Apple changed the design of the iPod Nano back to a previous design as they were working on the iWatch and didn't want the devices to be so similiar.

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