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Apple News

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What Will Apple Do In 2013?

Michael Robert

As 2013 rolls around it’s that time to make some predictions about what Apple will do in 2013.

These are our predictions and in no way mean that Apple will do any of the suggestions. These is mer speculation.

Mac Pro

Mac Pro

The Mac Pro has already be confirmed to be receiving an update early in 2013. We expect this update to happen in February or March. We are very interested to see what Apple has in store here as it has been a long time since there has been a major update to this product.

Our Prediction: New Design, Faster Processor and possibly Fusion Drive

This will be Apple’s insanely great product for the year!


The iMac normally gets updates at the end of the year and with the release of an all new designed iMac in 2012 don’t expect anything great here.

Our prediction: Retina Display, Minor spec updates

Mac Mini

This has to be one of the most secretly love products from Apple. The Mac Mini normally gets updates around the same time as the iMac so expect some updates toward the end of the year.

Our prediction: Major internal updates

MacBook Air

The MacBook Air received minor spec updates in 2012 so expect some major updates in 2013.

Our prediction: Fusion Drive, Retina Display, Faster Processor and a Bigger Hard Drive.

MacBook Pro

Macbook Pro

The MacBook Pro line became a bit complicated in 2012. Expect Apple to fix this and simplify the range completely.

Our Prediction: Drop MacBook Pro’s without Retina Display completely. 4 models available: 2 - 13 inch and 2 - 15 inch models. Minor internal improvements.


The iPad received 2 updates in 2012 so it would be very surprising if Apple released another iPad before October 2013. Apple may change the form factor as it has been the same since the iPad 2 was released in early 2011.

Our Prediction: Change in case design, Faster Processor, Better Camera

iPad Mini

The iPad Mini was only released late 2012 so an update should only come toward the end of 2013. We think the iPad Mini will just be a smaller version of the previous iPad.

Our Prediction: Smaller iPad (4th Generation)

iPhone 5s

iPhone 5s, South Africa

Is it going to be the iPhone 5s or the iPhone 6? We think that at some stage Apple is going to drop the number of the iPhone, they have already done it to the iPad. Don’t expect anything revolutionary here and 2013 will be all about iOS 7.

Our Prediction: Same Form Factor, Faster, Much better Camera, Possible inclusion of NFC but unlikely. If they do include NFC it will be BIG news! Apple won’t include it without making it useful to the masses.


iPod’s will be updated in September as they are every year.

Our prediction: Not much change. New colours added, iPod nano to run apps. iPod Shuffle to get big update. iPod Classic will either get a massive hard drive update or be discontinued. iPod Touch will be just like the iPhone 5s.


Something that people make very little predictions about but we believe 2013 will have a major focus on is Software.

The software for the Mac. We can’t see anything revolutionary here. Expect major design changes to applications in OS X 10.9

iOS 7

iOS 7 is going to be one of the biggest updates to iOS ever. Expect a completely redesigned look. The fundamentals will not change but the look will. Expect applications like Calendar, Notes, Mail, Reminders to be redesigned.

One More Thing

Every year Apple is expected to release something new. Sometimes it is a major new product and other times it is a variation of an existing product like the iPad Mini. We think there are two things that could come out in 2013

Apple TV

Apple TV - There has been so much talk of Apple creating a full TV with on demand TV. The rumours have started already but we believe this product is still some time away. We believe Apple will update the current Apple TV to enable application and some other added features. This will be like a trial run for the full Apple TV in 2014

iWatch - This has been a rumour since the release of the square iPod nano in 2011 however we believe there is some very useful applications. It will come standard with Bluetooth, Wifi and a small hard drive (about 4Gb). It will run a version of iOS. It will have a power button and an audio jack that will be used for syncing.


The iWatch will have a built in speaker that can be used as a bluetooth headset like device to accept and make calls from your iPhone. It will be a remote for your music via airplay as well as control your Apple TV. You will be able to read messages and reply by using Siri which will be built in.

The iWatch will run basic applications with iCloud integration. Contacts, Calendar, Alarm, Reminder, Notes, Radio, Music and Podcast.

We doubt Apple will do this but if they did we would definitely buy one.

What are your predictions for 2013? Leave your predictions in the comments.

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